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Hi! I'm Wendy Stephens and I'm a digital artist who works from my studio in Hertfordshire, UK.

I really love illustrating creepy women with a naughty glint in their eye, with a hint of realism and bright candy colours.

Although I studied illustration and graphic design at university I never really started any digital painting until I was on maternity leave in 2014. I used to draw and paint a lot as a little girl and teenager, but lost my way with art after starting my own graphic design business as I was just too damn busy!

Having my little girl gave me some thinking time to rediscover my love for art. I decided to specialise in one area, mainly painting women, so that I can uncover my style as organically as possible. Although I'm still working on it, I have friends who assure me that I do definitely have a style so that gives me the confidence to push forward.

I'm constantly working to improve my skills and speed the hell up. I definitely take way too long to finish a piece! I'm working through 1000 hours of digital painting practice with the idea being that by the end I should be better and faster.

The way I work: 
I keep a notebook nearby and often write down phrases or ideas. I then usually pencil draw the idea, scan it in and work on it using a Wacom Intuos from there. I only use 2 or 3 differently shaped brushes (a soft, a hard edge and a ragged edge) and vary the opacity and flow while I paint. I work in B&W to get the tonal levels right first, before I add the colour, but I'm currently trialling a new way of working in colour from the start. You can watch my very short painting videos on youtube.

My inspirations: 
Lois Van Barle, Tara McPherson, Sarah Joncas, Charlie Bowater, Glenn Arthur, Kate O'Hara and about a million others.

A few things I'm proud of:

I'm also a graphic designer and very proud mum to my little girl.


Hi, I’m Wendy Stephens, a creative artist, based in Hertfordshire, UK
and I LOVE painting slightly creepy ladies in Photoshop!

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