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A goal of 1000 Hours of sketching/digital painting practice to improve my skills

Week 1 – A Fresh Start – 21 hours – 979 to go!

Week 1 – a good start! 3 sketches and 2 converted into Photoshop.

21 hours completed – 979 hours to go.

Experimenting with just a limited number of brush shapes. Majority of both of these pieces were using a ‘Ragged hard round brush’ set to different opacities and switching between a round tip and a more precise tip (just checking the ‘shape dynamics’ box under the brush settings.)


Week 0 – My Creative Monster – 1000 hours of creative self improvement

Hi! I’m Wendy Stephens, a self-employed graphic designer and artist and I’ve run Dark Iris Design in Hertfordshire, UK for the last 6 years.

I’ve been struggling to find time for creativity lately. Quite tough when your job and lifetime hobby are the same thing. And when I do find time, I’m so burnt out from looking after my beautiful 20 month old little girl, that I find it hard to kickstart the next self initiated project. Paid client work? No problem at all, no deadlines missed there (I’ve never ever missed a client deadline, a fact I’m incredibly proud of).

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