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A little confession. I suck at drawing. Well that's how it feels every time I pick up a pencil.So how do you get better? Every artist in the world will tell you its practice, practice, practice!I believe it was Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers who popularised the concept that every talented person who appears to have risen to the top of their profession seamlessly or overnight, has in fact put 10,000 hours effort and practice in.What if instead of 10,000 hours, I made it 1000 hours? That’s 20 hours a week for 50 weeks. This sounds promising.Rather than ‘building up’ the number of days I will be working on a project, I am instead ‘eating into’ the 1000 hours I have over the course of a year. It’s psychologically less demanding. Well for me it is anyway. No deadlines. If I have a bad day, I can pick up the hours the next day.I have already been documenting my hours on my website, but I realised I hadn't shared it here.So this the start of my 1000 hours project on Instagram. I will hopefully share tips and tricks I learn along the way while I battle with Photoshop and the Wacom tablet. I'm going to back to the very start and post the *terrible* starting point sketches, so you can hopefully see my progression… Because the creative monster in my head said so. And I have to listen.Wendy x#1000hours #wendystephens

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