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Hey everybody! I'm back! ️ First – an explanation. My little girl started school today. Where did the last 4 years go? She's gone bouncing off and she's SO excited! 🙂 Anyway, I should explain why my artwork has been so erratic. I've basically been juggling being a mum, running a graphic design business and creating my art. Any other self employed parents out there will tell you the flexibility is amazing! But like all good superheroes powers it also comes with a more challenging side. I decided early on that if I was able to I would like to have my daughter at home with me a couple of days a week, then in nursery the rest of the time (so she didn't get sick of just seeing my face and my limited cooking skills). This gave me three days a week to work on my paid/personal work. This led to me working early mornings, late nights, weekends, bank holidays to keep up with my design deadlines. Obviously this meant my art and social media had to take a backseat for a while. Boo. Understandable but still boo. I was doing quite well juggling it all until it sunk in that my daughter starts school in September. *gulp* I'm lucky enough that I can pick and choose my work, so late Spring I decided to take some time off to recharge my batteries and spend time with her and my partner. I've missed my art and my skills will take a dent for a while, but it's given me the time to work out what goals I'm working towards and what I want to draw over the coming weeks, months and years. I have notebooks filled with ideas and I'm raring to go. So thank you so much for staying subscribed (and for reading this far!) it's onwards and upwards from here! Keep supporting artists! Every ️ and ? helps an artist reach more people. Even if you think 'I don't have any money to buy art' just by liking and commenting you are helping so thank you all! Wendy x

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