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Wednesday Addams Stickers
Wednesday Addams Stickers

I recently decided to get some vinyl stickers of my Wednesday Addams art print made up. I had a little scout around and found Sticker Mule who a lot of other artists I admire had recommended. I placed a sample order for 10 and waited patiently (*actually very impatiently because I’m like that) for them to arrive.

And look what happened when they arrived! My first ever sticker! Look how cute! I made an actual ‘squee’ noise when I opened the package.

One of my main reasons for using Sticker Mule was because of how up front they are about everything. The pricing isn’t hidden away behind a dreaded email request form (eeurgh). You want 10 stickers? You want 50? 500? The pricing is already there. They even create the cutter guide (the actual shape of the sticker) for you and include it in your digital proof which arrived within 4 hours. As a graphic designer I know the importance of good customer service to get clients to come back again and again, and these guys excelled.

The stickers are on my Etsy shop now with FREE UK shipping. Go have a look! The first 10 sold out pretty quickly so I placed an order for more. I’ve also taken advantage of their coasters and pin badge offers. They don’t just print stickers! I’ve included the coasters as free gifts with Etsy orders, and the pin badges will be up for sale soon too.

Are you thinking of getting some stickers made up? Use this link to get your first 10 stickers for $1 / approx 80p with FREE shipping. You honestly won’t regret it.

(It’s also worth visiting their deals page to see what offers they have running, or follow them on instagram)

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Wednesday Addams Stickers – A Sticker Mule Review

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