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Sweet Tooth Artprint By Wendy Stephens

This week I really felt I was making progress. I’m never 100% satisfied with a piece (ever!) but this week it came much closer to 75%! 😀

I learnt a new tip from imaginefx magazine which is to add a noise layer (set to softlight) to smooth out the brush marks – I love it! (Fill a new layer with RGB: 125,125,125. Choose Filter > Noise – 50 per cent. Followed by Filter > Filter Gallery > Brush Strokes > Spatter. Finally change layer to Soft Light and opacity to 20-60%). You can see the texture in the finished pic further below.

I had been subscribed to Computer Arts magazine, but to be honest – it was getting a bit pretentious for me! So I switched to imaginefx magazine and I’m really pleased I did – what a great read! Last issue even had an article about looking after your health/posture as an artist, something that can be so easy to overlook when you are scratching away at your wacom tablet!

I didn’t manage to complete my 20 hours this week as I spent one day publicising my work on Society6. Its something I haven’t been too good at in the past (self-promotion) but I’m learning its almost as important as creating good work. What’s the point in creating good work if no-one sees it?

Anyway – I finished my latest piece ‘Sweet Tooth‘. I found a combination of colours I love.

















Its available on society6 and teepublic. I’ve also submitted it to the teepublic ‘bonnaroo’ festival t-shirt contest (fingers crossed).

Here is the progress video on Youtube – its 16hours of work in 15 seconds! 😀

Week 6 – Skull ice-cream – 13 hours – 909 to go

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